Why Choose Us As Your Dog Trainer?

  • We use positive reinforcement and force free training only!

  • All of our methods are based on the latest science and research.

  • We give as much time and effort to our puppy clients as our dogs with aggression or separation anxiety.

  • We work to empower you!

  • Call, email, text or carrier pigeon anytime, even after we've finished our training together.

  • Every session is followed with complete notes for you to keep.

  • We promise nothing but honesty throughout!


Our Team

Our team are a dedicated, fun and friendly group. Aria is our head trainer and behaviourist, and we also have a great team of dog trainers and trainers-in-training supporting our work and classes too.


In 2013, Aria started volunteering at her local RSPCA shelter, where she fell in love with dogs, and helping them in a shelter environment. She developed her skills whilst working at the Veterinary Poisons Information Service. In 2018 she started working at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home where her formal training began. This is where her passion for aggressive and fearful dogs developed.


She has owned and run Barrett Dogs since 2018, working with both puppies and adult dogs. She continues her learning with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and has achieved her Level 4 dog behaviour qualification with them.

She is also part of the Studio Pups Team- and organisation dedicated to helping, training and guiding new dog trainers!