Behaviour Training

For things like barking, walking on the lead and recall we have our brilliant dog training and puppy training sessions. 

Behaviour training is for behaviours that require a more in-depth training and assessment plans, and can include things like aggression, resource guarding, and separation anxiety.


Our Process


Initial Consultation:

  1. To start, we have a chat on the phone and I will get you to fill out a questionnaire. You can tell me what the problems are, and what you want us to achieve together.

  2. We ask for a vet check- to rule out any medical causes of the behaviour. 

  3. We then do an initial consultation, where I meet you and your dog, and see the behaviour in person. With this we really want to figure out what causes the behaviour- nerves, excitement or fear?

  4. From there I put our training plan together with a full behavioural report, full training plan,
    and go through initial safety and prevention advice.


  1. We tend to do one session per week, and with a few telephone check-ins too. 

  2. We work holistically, often starting with safety and management techniques.

  3. Then mood improvements and basic commands.

  4. Finally we work on curing the problem.

Cost of Behaviour Training

The cost of the initial consultation is £65, and it is 90 minutes. From their, individual sessions are £50 per 60 minutes. You can also add free phone check in during the week too.

Most cases require the initial consultation, and then 2-4 sessions of training. But this can vary greatly depending on how your dog responds to training. 

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