Dog Training

Our dog training 1-2-1s and dog training classes are all about fun, useful and simple ways to teach new commands and new behaviours. Our 1-2-1 training sessions are for everyday problems you want to just iron out. Maybe your dog pulls on the lead, occasionally ignores your recall, or maybe is a little vocal. Our one rule is simple and effective! As with all our sessions, we will send you a full set of notes after each session.

Our group classes give you a whistle stop tour of the recall or lead walking, in a fun class environment.


For anything related to aggression, fear or separation, please check out our behaviour page!

Recall Class

90 Minutes 

Dates TBC:  Stoke Park


Covering fun and simple recall techniques to jump start your training. We will also cover an emergency stop and techniques to stop door bolting!


Lead Walking Classes

90 Minutes Classes

Dates TBC, Stoke Park


Covering fun and simple recall or lead walking techniques to make your walks together fun again! We also cover jumping up and how to manage excitment!

Problem Busting 1-2-1 Session

1 hour session


Our classes are usually held outside in Stoke Park,

but we can come to you if you think your dog will prefer it. 

Got a specific problem like barking, jumping up or recall?

In this session we will work on solving any issues you have.