• Aria Barrett

Dangerous Dogs! What you need to now and how to respond.

There is a lot of information and photos that circulate social media site- owners posting picture of dangerous dogs and tell people to be careful. We thought, as dog trainers and behaviourists, we would put together a some information on what to do if you come across a dangerous dog.

The dangerous dog act. The law states your dog can not be out of control - this includes biting someone, and importantly risk of injury too. If you have any concerns, report to the local dog warden:

If your dog is attacked: If your dog is attacked by another dog, even if your don't see puncture wounds, please take them to a vet for a check over. If there are puncture wounds this is super important as the wound will need professional care.

NEVER TRY TO BREAK UP A DOG FIGHT YOURSELF. I appreciate as a loving dog owner it is instinct to intervene, this is what the PDSA says: "Don't try to separate them yourself. It might be hard, but if you try to pull your dog out of harm’s way you could end up with some nasty injuries, too. You could also injure your dog further if the other dog hasn't let go."

In terms of behaviour- please contact a local dog professional. This may sound like over-kill, but the first few days after the attack are vital in terms of the dogs behaviour going forward. It can be tempting to get the dog straight back out there- but this can cause damage in the long term. Even if you don't need any formal training sessions, often professionals can give you little hints and tips to make everything a lot better.

If you have an aggressive or reactive dog Please take your dog to the vet for a check up, and ask for a referral to a canine behaviourist. You will be surprised how big a difference a qualified, positive reinforcement trainer or behaviourist can make even to the most aggressive dogs. You don't need to suffer, please reach out for help.

Good Dog Behaviour! Please, please, please, ensure your dog has good recall! Never allow your dog to run up to other people or other dogs. If that individual is scared of dogs, that can be terrifying. Also, the dog on the other end could have medical or behavioural problems that will be exacerbated by this. Dogs on lead If you see a dog on a lead, please avoid it, or approach with caution. Be conscious of what the owners are saying and doing, and how the dog responds. Chances are the dog is completely fine, and just happens to be on lead. However, It may have medical or behavioural problems which is why it is on a lead. It doesn't matter if your dog is friendly, or you're brilliant with dogs, please don't take the risk.

We hope this information has helped. Finally PICK UP YOIR DOG POO AND PUT IT IN THE BIN. And consider adopting a greyhound- they make the best lazy family pets.

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