Puppy Training Guildford

Got a new puppy? How do you feel? Excited, happy, overwhelmed, tired, or all of them? Wondering where to start with your training? Well, we have a few choices for you!


We have our group puppy classes, a 1-2-1 course and single problem busting sessions. Wether you are new to puppies, or an experienced owner we have help tailored for you.

Everything we teach is simple, easy to implement, and has real world benefits to you and your dog! The second you sign up to our group classes or puppy 1-2-1 course we send you a toone of amazing personalised information to get you started - think toilet training, teeth problems, excitement, sleep and more!

Puppy Play

Puppy Classes

5 Week Course

1 hour sessions

£80 in total

Our classes are on Saturday mornings in Stoke Park at 9:45am & 11am.

Please note:

Our group puppy classes

are temporarily on hold.

  • Stopping nipping, chewing and biting. Toilet training!

  • Basic Obedience: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave, Drop, Eye-Contact, Reflex-to-Name

  • Advanced Skills: Lead Walking, Heel, Fab Recall, Touch

  • Problem Behaviour Prevention: Separation, Adolescence, Preventing Guarding, Jumping up!

  • Useful tricksScent work, trick training!

  • Calming Activities!

Our classes are jam packed, and will teach you everything you need to help your pup grow up happy, confident and well-behaved! These classes are great for puppy socialisation too! At the end of every class we invite the dogs to play, so we can talk you through what good play looks like - it can look a little rough! This is a rough outline of what we teach:

Puppy Classes

1-2-1 Training

If 1-2-1 puppy training is more for you, we can do that too! We have our 3 session perfect puppy course, that covers everything we do in our puppy classes- and often a bit more too! If you have a few niggling issues - we can also do an hour long session to iron out those problems. 


Puppy Problem Busting

1 hour session


Due to Covid restrictions, these sessions are

currently being held outside

Got a specific problem, toileting or nipping maybe? In this session we will work solving any issues you have.

Puppy Training 1-2-1

3 Week Course

1 Hour Sessions


Due to Covid restrictions we are holding these classes outside
You will learn all the foundation skills and some fun tricks to set pup up,

includes lead walking, recall and basic commands.

Pre-Puppy Visit


1 hour session

Via zoom
Need advice before pup comes?

Want to set your home and family up for success? We've got all the advice you could need.