What is scentwork? Scentwork is sniffer dog training for your pet! Get your dog searching chairs, pipes, bags and even vehicles for a 3ml piece of Kong in only 8 hours! We follow the setup of UK Sniffer Dogs. We offer two courses and trials at UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze level. 

Scentwork is suitable for any breed of dog, any age of dog, and any level of training. These classes are designed for complete beginners- so you need to know any commands in advance- not even sit. 

Our classes are open to any dogs- including the fearful and reactive. Give us a ring before hand and we can make sure we set up our classes for your pup.

Bronze Level

Series 1

Searching pipes with whole kongs and small kong fragments. Then chair searches with 3mm Kong.

Series 2

Searching bags, novel environments, and vehicles with 3mm kong.

Bronze Trial
Competitive time trial-multiple searches with 3ml kong including vehicle, chair, bags, pipes, and novel environments.  

Bronze Series 1

Two, two-hour workshops.

Saturdays 9:30-12pm  


Next Class: 6th November 

Bronze Series 2

Two, two-hour workshops.

Saturdays 9:30-12pm  


Next Class: 20th November